have we mentioned…

…how much we love piper, elizabeth, and their zen queen of a mommy, miss kresta?

i thought not.

we do.

sleep? sleep? mwaaa-ha-ha-ha.

okay, so forget that last post. eamon has since decided that the best way to sleep is next to me, or on me, or attached to me in some way. all night long. with wakeful periods every 90 minutes (on the nose) just to remind me he’s there. in case, you know, i forgot.

on the other hand, mairin loves sleeping. and she loves waking up (HI mommy! it’s GOOD MORNING time! the SUN is UP! daddy is at WORK!) especially when, as this morning, she can get ready for a big adventure. boots on, sweater zipped, hood pulled over head, backpack (empty) strapped on, bike helmet buckled: thusly attired, this toddler was ready for her visit to the children’s museum. i can only imagine what she thinks she’s going to do with the bike helmet. and i’m waaaaaay too tired to ask.

move along, folks. nothing to see here.

for the eternity that is life with two kids under three last two days i have been mentally drafting a post about how unbelievably terrible shannon is. sure he’s a good dad and all. but he’s a terrible, selfish, unhelpful, in-the-way, smelly-man kind of partner. all i’ve been able to think about is how to escape, preferably without anybody noticing.

and then, sleep.

after 6 weeks of sleeping no more than two hours at a time, eamon is returning to his good-baby ways. two nights ago he slept from 8-3; last night, from 8-5. this morning i awoke and the sun was shining and the birds were chirping and the house was perfect and somehow shannon had morphed into a kind, loving, gentle, and considerately (and considerably) fresh-smelling partner.

so scratch the drama. 

ahhhh, blessed relief.

ahhhh. blessed relief.


for now.

snow days!

we had two forced days at home due to weather. (don’t laugh at us, you hardy northerners. this wasn’t our idea of an emergency.) you can laugh at us, though, for being unprepared for mairin. who thought we’d need to get her snow boots? (not me, that’s who.) so on day 1 we improvised with plastic bags and rubber bands. mairin thought this was so great that even though we had boots for her on day two (it wasn’t so much of an emergency that we couldn’t get to the shops across the street from us) she still wanted to wear bags held up by rubber bands. i’m thinking we’ll start a new trend.

toddler hip waders

toddler hip waders, day 1

throwing snow

throwing snow at mommy, day 2

mommy throws back

mommy throws back, day 2

eamon rolls over!

we didn’t manage any rolling-in-motion pix, just ‘before’ and ‘after’ ones — but you can see them here.

go ahead, lad. say it to my face.

go ahead, lad. say it to my face.

(more evidence that i birthed an old man, this one an irish politician. definitely not a vinnie.)

say ‘cheese sample’!

item 1.

mairin loves cheese. i assume that she will do her birthstate right and grow up to also love brats and beer, but for now that girl loves her cheese. and she has evolved from shaving her own block of parm — yes, her very own, reserved especially for her (since she is wont to chew on it) — over her noodles while belting out “oh, i LOVE NOODLES! NOODLES with PEPPER & CHEESE!” to requesting trips to whole foods. specifically for the cheese samples.

“mom, you need to go to the grocery store?”

“um, well, we are out of milk.”

“mommy, i go with you?”

“sure, honey, when i go to the store you can come with me.”

mairin walks around the dining room, pondering this answer.

“mommy, can i have some milk?”

“(sigh) ok, sweetie, let’s go to the store now.”

“whole foods, mommy?”

“sure, sweetie, let’s go to whole foods.” (which, lest you mock our extravagance, i should tell you now sells 1/2 gallons of organic, pasteurized and non-homogenized local milk for $2.99 a half gallon. that’s a better deal than we can get anywhere else.)

“okay, mom! whole foods! cheese samples!”

and while we shop we must be quick to make our way to the cheese section, where we either sample the cheeses out for our pleasure, or buy cheeses to take home to make our own cheese samples. 

item 2.

a few weekends ago we bought a new laptop and went wireless in the house. for mairin, this means regular access to PICTURES! and THOMAS VIDEOS! but the pictures are her favorite part. we watch slideshow after slideshow of our sets on flickr or from our computer’s photo folder.

which has prompted mairin to ask for her own camera.

“mommy buy me a small camera?”

“a what?”

“a small camera, mommy. i take pictures.”

ah, so we’re back to the whole extravagance thing. shannon “gave” mairin his small handheld camera that he takes on bike rides. when you turn it on a green light glows on the top, the lens telescopes open, and the camera makes a cute little chirping sound. mairin walks around with this camera for hours on end. she holds it johnny carson-swami style against her forehead with her eyes closed, turns her face toward her desired subject, and squeals “say cheese.”

until she realized, while munching on our plate of (note the non-extravagance) monterey jack & sharp cheddar, that her two favorite things were on a collision course to funny. “say cheese samples mommy” she hollered at me, kicking over my glass of water and waking eamon with her giggling fit.

because you know you want it

come take a look at our goings-on:

eamon, four months.

new year’s in columbus.

and a bonus pic just for visiting us today:


someone likes herself some frosting

someone likes herself some frosting